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Madame Figaro Cover English - Alis Mita

Madame Figaro tells the story of the ALIS MITA leather goods house

“Between craftsmanship and innovation, French leather goods house ALIS MITA reinvents customizable bags”


What is leather?

In this first episode of Pleine Fleur, Alis explains what leather is and the steps involved in making this noble material.

Genuine leather tote bags Full grain leather Leather goods Alis Mita


Full grain leather genuine leather tote bags leather goods Alis Mita

What is full grain leather?

In this second episode of Pleine Fleur, Alis explains this enigmatic name, “full grain leather”.


@Bella_Zofia had a crush for the convertible bag Simone!

@Bella_Zofia tells us about the Muse de l’Impossible collection and shares her favorites and inspirations.  

@Bella Zofia - Alis Mita


Full grain leather Genuine leather tote bags Calfskin leather Alis Mita 1 - Alis Mita

Classic Leathers – Part I

In this new episode of Pleine Fleur, Alis introduces us to the vast world of classic leathers, their differences, and some tips to recognize them.


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