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A sophisticated essential

22 Portrait Oprah 1 - Alis Mita

The Oprah bag is a tribute to Oprah Winfrey who taught us that we are all the artists of our lives.

Her sparkling spirit, her delectable joy and her pragmatic wisdom are an eternal inspiration.

OPRAH Evolutionary

The Oprah handbag in Evolutionary version are customizable bags. The Oprah Evolutionary is the perfectly complementary set that will accompany you from the business day to the evening cocktail.

It’s a refined mix between a sophisticated clutch and a sculptural tote. In the blink of an eye, the pouch can be attached or detached from the tote thanks to our patented personalization system.

23 Sacs cabas cuir Designer tote bag Oprah Winfrey - Alis Mita
Each bag
can be carried separately.

The tote presents a sculptural silhouette which soars up into a curves’ symphony.

The clutch follows harmoniously the tote’s shapes.

The sharp inlays of contrasting leather give the composition a bold allure. The custom-made O jewel clearly asserts its identity.

25 Sacs cabas cuir Deisgner Bag Tote Oprah Winfrey - Alis Mita

OPRAH Timeless

OPRAH Timeless is a beautiful creation which came out unexpectedly from your request. As women, we all know that there is something that sets us in two categories: “the largest tote bag” believers and those who swear only by the wallet with chain.

You have asked us to split the OPRAH Evolutionary in two different bags. We have then created the OPRAH 2.0 in Timeless version. You can now enjoy the OPRAH Timeless Tote and the OPRAH Timeless Clutch.

26 Pochette cuir pleine fleur Wallet with chain Oprah Timeless - Alis Mita

OPRAH Timeless Clutch

The OPRAH Timeless clutch was created especially for those who swear by small but functional bags.

27 Sacs cabas cuir Designer Tote Bag Oprah Timeless 1 - Alis Mita

OPRAH Timeless Tote

The OPRAH Timeless Tote is a larger than life bag, perfect for your business or casual wear.


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