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A modern deconstruction into movement and versatility

The Zaha bag is a tribute to Zaha Hadid who inspires us to embrace the unexpected while taking risks.

15 Portrait Zaha Hadid 800 1 - Alis Mita

Her poetic and innovative genius and along with her boldness to question the existing nourish our creativity and encourage us to explore unknown paths.

Its silhouette is structured around the fluidity of the curves and the tension of sharp angles. The sensuous curve of the flap creates unexpected dynamics while the inlaying brings a vibrant contrast of colors and textures.

16 Sacs de luxe Leather Bag Zaha Hadid - Alis Mita
17 Sacs personnsalisables Convertible bags Zaha Hadid - Alis Mita

The Zaha bag deconstructs the usual symmetry of a handbag and liberates its lines to put forward a design without any straight visible angles, a cherished idea of Zaha.

The Zaha bag is a crossbody that also converts into a belt bag for woman. It can be worn over the shoulder, the waist or as a clutch.

Carry your ZAHA towards the conquest of your Impossible!


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