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Evolutionary Collection

ALIS MITA is a French leather goods house based in Paris.

Our leather bags stand out by their high-end quality, their modern and elegant esthetics, and their ingenious functionality.

Every luxury bag we create has a minimalist soul with a sophisticated touch.

Our philosophy is a balance between tradition and innovation.

As a sustainable brand, we celebrate the craftsmanship and cherish the know-how of our artisans. Our products are made in France and in Italy by hand in limited quantities using the finest materials such as full grain leather.

As curious minds and bold spirits, we are looking forward to the future and the possibilities that innovation can offer us. Thus, we use engineering techniques to offer you new ways to consider the design and use of your leather bags.

This is how we came out with the patented system at the heart of our EVOLUTIONARY Collection which allows you to customize your convertible bags.

Leather Womens' Belts

The Muse of the Impossible custom leather belts came from the desire to offer women accessories that can be worn against them throughout the day like a talisman.

Designed like an Olympic medal, the loop already announces the conquest of your Impossible. The silhouette of the Muse is hollowed out of the metal and delicately hints at the full grain leather belt

Some would say it is the perfect women belt for dress; others would bet it is the perfect women belt for jeans. Whatever your choice is, the buckle is removable. You can therefore match it with countless reversible belts for added versatility.  


The unconventional ones

The unconventional ones

Muse of the Impossible

A Collection Dedicated to Those Who Dare

We named our first leather goods collection the « Muse of the Impossible” collection.

It is a tribute to inspiring women who left their mark on history and became an inspiration of modernity.

Multi-faceted women, they dared to assert their personality and their authenticity with grace, force and confidence. Their enthusiastic spirit, with desire for independence and great willpower became a boundless source of inspiration. 

These muses have pushed back the frontiers of what is possible and have gone beyond to realize their dream and to accomplish themselves.

Mouse-of-impposible-3 (1)

Each one of them, has become a Muse, who, through her creative force, forges the Impossible to make her dreams come true.


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