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A Childhood Immersed in the Buzzing of the Sewing Machine

In 2021, I launched the eponymous leather goods brand, Alis Mita.

What seemed to be a whim, it was indeed a little girl's story who grew up in a world of colors and fabrics, immersed in the buzzing sound of the sewing machine, beneath the kind gaze of a dressmaker, my grandmother.

During my childhood, my favorite toy was granny's box of buttons. This was how I built my own world, having fun and creating characters with small, colorful modular figurines by moving them from right to left, sketching only on my mind. I was unable to express my thoughts in words yet.

When I was 6 years old, I began hand sewing princess dresses for my dolls. I kept the memory of a small dress with a corset and a train, crafted from a green velvet scrap.

Though, I was looking for grown-up things to do and tried to tame this "sacred monster", this intimidating giant that was the sewing machine. In my attempts to persist and breaking its "teeth" - or the needles in adults' language, I finally figured out how to master its rhythm and its trajectory.

Daring to express your creative force - Alis Mita

Dare to Express Your Creative Force

This passion for shapes and fabrics never left my mind. When I grew up, I learned to appreciate art, architecture, design, and particularly the Art Deco era.

As I was pursuing my career in finance, I was also getting back to handmade work, the passion to create and a fabric I particularly love: leather. About five years ago, I dedicated my evenings, weekends and holidays to learn.

In 2016, I started my first classes at London College of Fashion and learned about saddlery and leather bags in Paris, under the watchful supervision of Laurent Charby, a master craftsman and former workshop manager of luxury design houses. 

At the time, I already knew I wanted to create handbags that are elegant, modern and unconventional life objects. I wanted to make them evolve to provoke change in the constancy of boredom.

Simply Dare

My desire to discover, to create and to act made me turn ideas into action.
I quit my job and a whole world of certainties. I took the risk to explore my strengths, my fears, my weaknesses, and above all, this creative force that I wanted to revive.

This choice was always obvious but never easy; keeping the convictions close to my heart when everyone cautioned against your recklessness, your nonchalance, your state of mind.

The enthusiasm of beginnings and the joy of small victories were followed by so many closed doors, a period of doubts, failures, and reassessment. I was always going through with the faith that I will make my own path through what seemed impossible in the beginnings.

This is when I figured out that my creative force has the sparkling colors of the fabrics I selected and the bold shapes that my hands were crafting.

But above all, the most valuable fortune I became aware of was that there is a creative force that has no color and no shape. It lays into the very depths of our soul, it is this boldness to follow your passion, your craziness, your dreams, and to accomplish them.

Love, faith and action

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Our Materials

Each of our creations honors the finest materials and the spirit of the craftsmen that shape them by hand, thus giving it its uniqueness. This is our contribution to energize and perpetuate the craftsmanship . W e only use full grain leather locally and responsibly sourced in France and in Italy from tanneries who are environmentally certified or have a friendly environment process.

Our Production

All our leather bags and women'sleather belts are made Made in France andMade in Italy. Every product is shaped by hand in small quantities. Our choices are - and will always be - less about places and more people, about the know-how, about ethical practices and above all, about embracing the same state of mind.

Thus, we work with two familiar leather goods workshops, one located in the south of France, and the other one close to Firenze in Italy. For the last half of century, they have made their expertise available for the greatest French and Italian fashion houses.

Our production - Alis Mita

Our Process

On the back of this tradition, our ambition is to strive beyond and explore the future's possibilities.

Modernity and innovation are key factors in choosing our partners as they guarantee the best work conditions and the finest products quality. Thus, we are using engineering techniques at the cutting edges of technology and at the crossroads in variety of skill areas to open other doors for creativity.

We explore these new avenues in three different ways through high-end quality, modern and elegant esthetics, and ingenious functionality. From the inception of the idea to achievement, everything is rooted from history of passion, audacity and ethics.

What is the evolutionary customization?

The evolutionary customization is an innovative concept which allows you to customize any of your ALIS MITA convertible bags again and again.

Every luxury bag comes with the customization system that allows you to put together different elements to customize its design or use. This highly engineered system has been created and patented for this specific use.


How does it work?

The customization system takes the form of two slides that embrace each other to create a modular design. When the slides close, they create an integral assembly. Therefore, you can change the design or the use of your leather bags and make them evolve in tune with your fancies.

For instance, this customization system will allow you to change the interchangeable flaps for the crossbody designer bags such as Simone and Zaha. You can also create a modular 2-in-1 bag: the Oprah bag is composed of a wallet with chain and a designer bag tote that can be carried together or separately.

How is it made? It's not rocket science!

To develop this customization jewelry, we have worked with a local team of engineers from the Paris area. Their workshop is highly specialized in mechanics research and in metals processing since 1938.

For almost three years, we have tested different materials, developed several prototypes to check for their quality and response to the customization of leather goods.

We opted for a tempered aluminum, series 6061-T6, well known for its resistance and lightness.

Every piece is realized with high precision by laser cut and 3-axis CNC machining; then it is etched and numbered. Like a jewel, every piece is sublimated by the delicacy and the beauty of the human gesture: it is hand polished, treated by anodization to bring it a high resistance and a beautiful shine.

Made with Passion. Audacity. Ethics.

Passion drives us. Since day zero.

To shape elegant modern designs with an unconventional twist.

But most and foremost, to bring to life meaningful creations that connect with you through a message of hope, joy and self-accomplishment.

Audacity pulls us forward. Since day one.

To defy those who say it is impossible.

To stretch our realm of possibilities.

But most and foremost, to challenge ourselves

in a spirit of constant evolution.

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Ethics guides our thoughts and actions. Forever.

To respect our environmental resources.

To cherish the human relationships.

So that we can offer you something beautiful, good

and fair.

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